Default configuration by GPO or config

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Default configuration by GPO or config

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Hello there,

we're trying to enroll PDF XChange Editor as our main PDF viewer. Currently we stuck at the point that we want to set default parameters for document signing. The biggstest issue that we have is ADMX files published by Tracker have no option to edit the default timeserver. We also need automatic checking for signings in documents. Is it possible to export a config and lets say copy it by GPO?

Thank you very much!

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Re: Default configuration by GPO or config

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Hi DULB2401

because the timestamp server is not associated with a specific digital signature template you will need to export/import both. On discussing this with the development team it was recommended that you use the GUI to create the appropriate settings file then via AD you can make that settings file available and run the Editor once with a command line argument to import your settings from file. One can load settings for one time use that are not "remembered" or one can import the settings such that they are stored for repeat use.

The command PDFXEdit.exe /importsettings can do this. You just want to make sure that your settings file contains only what you want.

Set up an instance of the Editor as you want it with all the digital signature templates and timestamp servers then using the GUI export only "Program Options - Common, and Presets" and "Digital Signature Appearance Templates":
image.png (48.1 KiB) Viewed 477 times
Test it works on another device by importing the settings.xces file. It should have only those items explicitly exported in the previous step:
image1.png (42.94 KiB) Viewed 477 times
If you are happy with the results you can then push this via a script by running the Editor once with /importsettings ... ns_ed.html

/importsettings can take arguments the above exported file should only contain what you want, however you can specify explicitly what to import as well. The minimum you would need to include if you do this are the three parameters "common ", "presets", and "dsatemplates: as detailed in the manual page linked to above.

Hopefully this gives you what you need. Do let me know how it goes?
Best regards

Paul O'Rorke
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