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Dynamic Stamp With Date

Post by nastyn@aol.in » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:48 am

02. Personal Stamp - Squad Check.pdf
Dynamic Stamp File with date
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I'm trying to create a dynamic stamp with date & time generated via java script. I have already created the stamp as a pdf file, when i open this file the script works (date & time is generated as intended). In order to make this file as a stamp i tried the following method

Method 1 : Copied the file into %appdata%\Tracker Software\PDFXEditor\3.0\Stamps
Method 2 : Import the stamp from stamps palette -> add new-> New stamp from active file

Method 1 did not work, after copying the file into "stamps" folder, i closed the pdfxeditor & restarted the software. Then i check the stamps palette, I could not see the copied stamp in the list. Hence i believe that what i have done is not right

In Method 2, i was successful in getting the stamp populated in stamps palette, but seems like the stamp was flatten during this process, hence the date & time stamp java script doesn't seems to work

Please advice a solution how to resolve this issue. I'm using Ver 9 Build 353


Review Stamp (2).pdf
Dynamic Stamp File with date & time
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Re: Dynamic Stamp With Date

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Tue Sep 14, 2021 7:33 pm

Hello, nastyn@aol.in

To create dynamic stamps, you first need to create the static background of your stamp (with no javascript content of fields) using your method2, and then close the software, locate the newly created stamps file in the folder from method1, extract it, edit it to add dynamic content, and then place it back into the same folder. These two articles detail the process for you:

Creating a static stamp: https://www.tracker-software.com/knowle ... Stamp-Tool
Adding dynamic elements: https://www.tracker-software.com/knowle ... nge-Editor

Finally, if you are looking for some tips on advanced stamp creation, please see this article as well: https://www.tracker-software.com/knowle ... p-Creation

Kind regards,
Daniel McIntyre
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