PDF-XChange Lite Printer Keeps Installing After Updates / Public Desktop Icon is Same

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PDF-XChange Lite Printer Keeps Installing After Updates / Public Desktop Icon is Same

Post by ozinfotech » Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:09 pm

We've got a 10-pack license as well as a couple single licenses of PDF-XChange Editor Plus. Whenever the software is updated we get the PDF-XChange Lite printer reinstalled. We already have the PDF-XChange Standard printer, and the Lite version is confusing to our users. They don't understand why they have a watermark on their PDF files and then I end up deleting the printer for them. Is there any way to please check for the existence of the Standard version, and if so, remove the Lite version? There isn't a good reason to have both printers on a system.

On the same note, I have users who are meticulous about their desktops and they get mad whenever the PDF-XChange Editor icon gets put back on the desktop after updates. (This is after I had to remove the icon for them manually.) Will you please check to see if there is an icon on the public desktop, and if not, respect the wishes not to replace it? This gets overwhelming when every software package has to have an icon on the public desktop, and users can't delete due to not having administrative privileges on the machine.

Fixing both of these issues would save me and other admins some grief. Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: PDF-XChange Lite Printer Keeps Installing After Updates / Public Desktop Icon is Same

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Thu Sep 02, 2021 6:42 pm

Hello, ozinfotech

If you have a PRO license (which covers the Editor Plus, Standard printer, and PDF-Tools), but are seeing the Lite printer installed in any capacity when updating, you have the wrong product package installed currently. the best way to resolve that issue is to completely uninstall the software, and then download the correct product installer for your PRO license from your account page: https://www.tracker-software.com/login

Then, when installing via custom installation, you can uncheck the box to create desktop shortcuts:
You are correct that at the moment this option is not remembered between installations, due to the new MSI system, "remembering" anything about the installation is difficult to say the least, in many cases even the install path cannot be remembered.

To get around this issue, instead of "updating" through the updater, you can directly deploy the new version of the software overtop of the old one, treating it as a new installation (which means you can use a transform or other methods you prefer to configure the installation) and update only when you choose to. This article provides some more Administrative details about customizing the installation: https://help.tracker-software.com/sysad ... stall.html

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