Slow display of rotated drawing

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Slow display of rotated drawing

Post by David.P »

Hello Forum,

I have found that some vector drawings with many drawing elements are rendered very slowly as soon as they have been even slightly rotated in PDF-XChange Editor. See the attached example.

On p. 1 of the attachment, the drawing is in its original state, while on p. 2 it was rotated by 0.2° in PDF-XChange Editor, using the Transform dialog.

The original drawing displays immediately and can also be rapidly zoomed and panned. The rotated drawing on p. 2 however has a much lower performance in PDF-XChange Editor.

Strangely, the performance of the rotated page initially was also perfect. The slowness only started after closing and re-opening the file.

In Ad*be Acr*bat or Reader, the performance of both drawings is very good and equally fast.

Maybe the Support team or the Devs can take a look into the rotated drawing in order to see what could be the reason for its poor performance.

Best regards
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