PXCp_Add3DAnnotationA Documentation

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PXCp_Add3DAnnotationA Documentation

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The documentation for the PXCp_Add3DAnnotationA function in the PDF-ToolsV4SDK.chm seems to be incorrect. The top portion of the documentation lists 11 parameters, but the example below it has 12 parameters. It is missing documentation for the parameter between def_view and lpBuf.
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Re: PXCp_Add3DAnnotationA Documentation

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Hello Promisekey,

I believe it is this extra parameter in the sample that you refer to:
hr = PXCp_Add3DAnnotationA(hDoc, 0, &rect, "This is title",
_Options, AltImageFileName,
Im3dAnnot_FileName, &view, 0, _buf, _bufLen, NULL);

We willnow check and see if this is an error in the manual or something else.

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