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Post by SHartmann »


I want to hide this info bar.
I saw this topic viewtopic.php?p=156719&hilit=hide+infobar#p156719
and tried the related code, but I got stuck :(

Code: Select all

      var list = new List<string>();
      IntPtr pChild = IntPtr.Zero;
      Type type = typeof(PDFXEdit.IUIX_ScrollContainer);
      Editor.Inst.MainFrm[0].View.Obj.Children[0].QueryImpl(type.GUID, null, out pChild);
      if (pChild != IntPtr.Zero) {
        PDFXEdit.IUIX_ScrollContainer scrollCon = (PDFXEdit.IUIX_ScrollContainer)System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetTypedObjectForIUnknown(pChild, type);
        if (scrollCon != null) {
          if (scrollCon.CmdPaneTop.Count != 0) {
            PDFXEdit.IUIX_CmdLine cmdLine = scrollCon.CmdPaneTop[0];
            for (uint i = 0; i < cmdLine.Count; i++) {
              PDFXEdit.IUIX_CmdBar bar = cmdLine[i];
              string sID = Editor.Inst.ID2Str(bar.ID);
My problem is, that I don’t have a deep understanding of your visual architecture.
Where is the red bar really located in the structure?

When debugging there is no CmdPaneTop in in the ScrollContainer, so I assume that possibly the ScrollContainer is not the right place to start the whole search process?

I tried several different values I found during debugging, but I came to the conclusion, that it is no good way to do so, when I don’t know what I’m doing ☹

best regards
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Re: InfoBar

Post by Vasyl-Tracker Dev Team »

Hi Stefan.

The easiest way to disable any standard InfoBar-message is:

PXV_Inst.Settings["DocInfoBar"]["DisabledSpans"].Add().v = <stdInfoBarSpanID>;

The ID of the info-span on your screenshot is "docInfoBarSpan.BrokenFlags". To hide that span - run that code once, before opening any doc.

Also, you may disable the whole InfoBar at all, via:

PXV_Inst.Settings["DocInfoBar"]["Enabled"].v = false;


The UI structure is quite complex, and briefly is:

Code: Select all

MainFrame [top window, ID="mainFrame", Impl=IPXV_MainFrame]
	ScrollContainer [ID="mainFrame", Impl=IUIX_ScrollContainer]
		CmdPanes [{contains all main toolbars, menus, whole Ribbon UI}]
		MainView [ID="mainView", Impl=IPXV_MainView, Client]
			ScrollContainer [ID="mainViewLayout", Impl=IUIX_ScrollContainer]
				CmdPanes[{CmdPaneTop contains the main InfoBar}]
				Layout [ID="mainViewLayout", Impl=IUIX_Layout, Client]
					DocumentsViewArea [ID="documentsViewArea", Impl=IPXV_DocumentsViewArea]
						Layout [ID="", Impl=IUIX_Layout, contains all opened document-tabs (i.e. document-views)]
							ScrollContainer [ID="documentView", Impl=IUIX_ScrollContainer]
								CmdPanes[{CmdPaneTop contains the document InfoBar}]
								DocumentView [ID="documentView", Impl=IPXV_DocumentView, Client]
									Layout [ID="", Impl=IUIX_Layout, contains all document panes]
										ScrollContainer [ID="pagesView", Impl=IUIX_ScrollContainer]
											CmdPanes[{contains "cmdbar.docOptions", "cmdbar.pageNav", 
												    "cmdbar.pageLayout" toolbars on the bottom}], 
											PagesView [ID="pagesView", Impl=IPXV_PagesView, Client]
PagesView - is the last in that chain and displays pdf-pages.
CmdPanes - represents 'array' of 4(top, bottom, left, right) command panes that are containers for toolbars(cmdbars). The special case - the main top-cmdpane may also contain Ribbon-tabs.
ScrollContainer - is the special object that contains embedded cmdpanes, scrollbars, and its Client-object.
Layout - is the organizer for set of panes; we have two different sets of panes - main panes (Search, History, StampsPalette etc) and panes per-document (Bookmarks, Comments, Thumbnails, etc).

According to your case - you might be interested in two items in that tree:
CmdPanes[{CmdPaneTop contains the main InfoBar}] - that info bar shows app-level messages (about license-issues for example)
CmdPanes[{CmdPaneTop contains the document's InfoBar}] - that info bar shows document-level messages, that are individual per document ("document is broken", "document is suspiciously altered", "document has the digital signature" etc).

Vasyl Yaremyn
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