Populate Forms, Sign, and email - how to do ?

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Populate Forms, Sign, and email - how to do ?

Post by quapolox »


I want to create pdf's from a csv adress list, sign them and mail them. Most of it can be done by combining features from pdf-xchange and pdf-tools but is there an easier method ?

I would like to build the following workflow:

1. select a form and populate it from a csv file (here: read a name and an email adress from each line of the csv file)
This feature is available in pdf-xchange editor. But when I try to use "import form data" from the pdf tools - only the first entry of the csv file is used. Is there a way to let it run for all lines in the csv file ?

2. create a signature on each file
Works fine with the pdf tools for one file

3. save the pdf with a filename created using the name from step 1

4. attach it to an email, the name from step 1 is used in the email text, the email adress from step 1 is used to send it.

As far as I see it this can only be solved with the following steps:
pdf-xchange: use "Populate Forms" create pdfs and save them to folder 1
pdf-tools: use "Sign Documents" use it on folder 1 and save the signed to folder 2

send email: "Send email" from pdf-tools does not help as it allows only one email, and the data source cannot be used.

Any ideas how to do this all with pdf-tools ? or a script ?

Thank you very much
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Re: Populate Forms, Sign, and email - how to do ?

Post by Sean - Tracker »

Hi quapolox,

1. When you are using the Import Form Data feature in PDF-Tools, you must make sure that the names of the form fields match in both documents. Further information about that is available here:

https://help.tracker-software.com/pdfxt ... rm2_t.html

2. You can create signatures with either PDF-XChange Editor or PDF-Tools. You can use PDF-Tools to sign multiple documents at the same time, with one operation - you simply need to specify the list of files in the 'Choose Input Files' section of the tool.

3. and 4. Are of course possible to do, but not possible to automate.

I'm afraid there is no quick way to completely automate these processes using the default features and tools of our software. It may be possible to do with a script - but that is beyond the scope of the support that we offer for using our products.

Kind regards,
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