Filter comments by subject AND summarize only pages with the filtered comments

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Filter comments by subject AND summarize only pages with the filtered comments

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We are a law firm in the field of construction law and comment our documents, especially incoming correspondence, with PDF XChange Editor. This is usually the beginning of a very digital workflow.

Comments concern for example questions to clients, questions to third parties, tasks for processors, work to be delegated and much more.

Each type of comment has its own format and subject.

With the help of the comment summary function, we forward our comments to specific passages of text to the relevant recipients, e.g. to an expert.

In such a case, it would often be quite good not to have to forward the whole letter, but only the excerpt of it, which is commented with the appropriate subject.

This would require a feature where comments can be filtered by subject, AND where ONLY the filtered view is a base for a comment summary.

Is there a way to get such a plugin please?

On your knowledgebase ( in-PDF-XChange-Editor) we found a note that you can activate or deactivate the "Include invisible comments" box. However, this had no effect in our tests.

If you want, we can explain the problem to you in an online session.
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Re: Filter comments by subject AND summarize only pages with the filtered comments

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Hello, ACF

This can be done with a two step process.
First, open the comments page (Ctrl+M) and open the "options" menu, then navigate like so:
Ensure you check off only the authors whos comments you want to see in the final output.

This will hide comments from all other authors temporarily for all features which use comments, including summarize.
Then you can use the summarize tool with the following settings:
This will ensure that invisible comments (those which were not created by the desired authors) will be hidden in the export, and that pages without any comments (including those which only have invisible comments on them) will not be present in the export.
This will result in exactly what you are looking for, a summary that contains only the pages which were commented by the desired individual, with those specific comments highlighted.

Kind regards,
Daniel McIntyre - Support Technician
Tracker Software Products (Canada) LTD

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