how to add format tab

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how to add format tab

Post by iph »

I have been looking in all the wrong places. Help, forum, now i have to ask. My program is missing the format tab. How do I add the format tab?

What I have not in order

file--home--view--comment--protect--form--organize--convert--share--review--accessibility--bookmarks--help(missing format)

what i trying to do is resize my text.

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Re: how to add format tab

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Hi Keith,

the "Format" and "Arrange" tabs are dynamic and appear only when contextually appropriate. They won't be there when no tools are active, nor when a tool that can't use them is active.

A text box annotation is a good example. Add a text box and the "Format" tab appears, when the text box itself is elected yo also get the "Arrange" tab, which disappears when switching to the text within the text box as it is contextually not relevant.
Dynamic Tabs.gif
I hope that explains why it appears and disappears.
Best regards

Paul O'Rorke
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