creating expandable text boxes in PDFs

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creating expandable text boxes in PDFs

Post by AJO »

I’m creating a PDF that includes large text boxes from the ‘form’ tab within the PDF-Xchange software, and for our purposes, this text box is being utilized to document phone conversations had and notate contents of conversation had with the other person on the phone. When these text boxes fill up, currently, the scroll is set up to allow for further dialog to be entered, however that info is not visible when the document itself is printed. The original size of the text box created is maintained and dialog entered into the text box in excess of the text box size is not printed/viewable.

How do I create the ability to have the text box expand and become taller in height to accommodate entered dialog without compromising other portions of the entire PDF below(outside text box)? For my application it’s ok for the printed page to come out of the printer with as many pages as required if the text box expands due to the entered text/dialog expanding the physical size of the text box.

While trying to figure out the properties section, I discovered the ability to make the text box taller in height from the properties section and the text box will cover up the lower sections on the document.

Is this all of the information you need to figure this out? If there is anything else, let me know.
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Re: creating expandable text boxes in PDFs

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel »

Hello, AJO

I am afraid that it is not possible, according to the PDF specification, to have a form field which dynamically resizes itself during entry. The only way I know of to accomplish anything like this is to use Adobe's propietary XFA formatting, which in many ways goes against the specification, and cannot be used properly in nearly all programs that are not Adobe Acrobat itself (even their own reader has some trouble with the format). I am afraid that for thosethat reason, form fields will not be a perfect medium for recording information in this way.

The best alternative suggestion I can make is to use the "typewriter" comment tool, as that comment type will resize as more information is added to it. You can give this comment type a solid white background so that it will overlap other content if necessary, but I think that is the only effective option for your needs.

Kind regards,
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