Mask Type: External SoftMask and PDF/A

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Jensen Head
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Mask Type: External SoftMask and PDF/A

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When Microsoft Word 2019 Pro saves a document as a PDF, translucent objects remain translucent. However, if you choose PDF/A instead of PDF, the translucency of the images is lost. Is this an inevitable feature of the PDF/A format and should be taken into account when converting PDF documents to PDF/A using PDF-Tools, or is it a nasty feature of Word?
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Tracker Supp-Stefan
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Re: Mask Type: External SoftMask and PDF/A

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Hello Jensen Head,

It would depend on the PDF/A 'flavour'
Transparent objects and layers (Optional Content Groups) are forbidden in PDF/A-1 but are allowed in PDF/A-2, so make sure that you use the correct PDF/A settings and all should be well.

Kind regards,
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