Session groups [suggestion]

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Session groups [suggestion]

Post by MedBooster »

On a similar note,
we already have this thread about "tab-groups", which would be expandable "folders" in the tab-bar itself.

Well this is a slightly different suggestion, this is me requesting folders in the session overview pane.

For nearly all seminars/lessons I have maybe 5-10 PDFs I need to use to prepare or revise, and the way I sort it is C for the exam, and P for the seminar number, now what I would really like to have is an option to add hierarchical folders,

Let's say

topic 1
topic 2
topic 3
topic 4

Because as of now it's all mixed up and you only have an option to sort the "sessions" by most recent to least recent.

(maybe a second subfolder is a bit overkill, but the way I see it the more freedom to add as many folders you'd like the better)

for example.
Obviously you can achieve this by just creating folders in windows and open all the documents in the folder, but the session feature of PDF xce has its advantages as you can mix and add files from different directories more easily. :)
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Re: Session groups [suggestion]

Post by Dimitar - Tracker Supp »

Hello MedBooster,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I made a Feature Request ticket in our internal ticket system:

#6076: FR: Session groups

I can not make promises as to whether this would be approved or when it could be implemented, and this is up to our devs.

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