Stamp not visible under cursor when zoomed in

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Stamp not visible under cursor when zoomed in

Post by Joxon » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:46 pm

Open a document, zoom in to 200% or more and select a stamp. In PDF-XChange Editor v8.0.343 (portable) the stamp is attached to the mouse cursor and visible. Unfortunately in v9.0.352 (portable) the stamp is no longer visible at 200% or more. Is it me or a bug?

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Re: Stamp not visible under cursor when zoomed in

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:59 pm

Hi, Joxon

I am not seeing this issue here, so I suspect that one of two things are happening.

Either your stamp is large enough, that the center of it, which which would be visible at 200% zoom, is simply entirely transparent and it appears that nothing is shown becuase your are effectively "in the eye of the storm" for that stamp (all the actual stamp content is outside your view radius/document display area).

Or, and this possibility is more likely, there is another stamp/comment at the location you are hovering the mouse after zooming in. The stamp tool also works to select other comments, so if another stamp or comment is present, it would switch to select that comment, instead of placing a stamp, which would hide the preview.

If you still suspect this is a bug, please send us a copy of the document you are working with, and screenshots (or preferably a video/Gif) of the issue occurring on your end, so we can try to reproduce it.

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