PDF Xchange SDK - MERGE PDF's and use with Pure Basic?

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PDF Xchange SDK - MERGE PDF's and use with Pure Basic?

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Hello and greetings, I haven't been (haven't needed to be) on this forum since I deployed Version 4 SDK Pro. It's been solid, used with VB6 app.
I am now looking at doing another program, in Pure Basic, and use PdfXchange (latest version) to handle PDF's. Will need to upgrade, obviously.

1/ can PdfXchange V7 *MERGE* two (and more) PDF files together?
2/ If so, can it create an index for the total (new) PDF created?
3/ Have there been reports of anyone using it with Pure Basic?
4/ If used with Pure Basic, can PdfXchange be legally and properly installed without running the proprietary Tracker installer (This is not a deal breaker, but will prevent a bunch of install issues). IE just copy the DLL's etc to a specified subfolder. (of course will need embedded valid license code etc). Reason: with VB6 we had a Windows installer package that called the Tracker installer. In PureBasic we plan/hope to bypass that (long story).

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