ClickOnce deployment

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ClickOnce deployment

Post by Synergy »

I'm sure this question would have been asked before but I cannot see any reference.
I am trying to deploy a ClickOnce application and I am trying to use the "Registration-Free Deployment" method. If I install the application and copy the required files to the ClickOnce application folder, all is good.
However, if I add the required files to my project, mark them as content and tell the files to copy, all the files except for "Aviation.exe.manifest" copy across. I have since discovered that .NET create its own "Aviation.exe.manifest" file. However, this file does not contain a reference to PDFXCviewAx.X which is in your version of the "Aviation.exe.manifest" file.
If I replace the .NET generated file with your file AFTER THER INSTALL it works OK.
Is there something I am doing wrong?
Is there some way to get the generated manifest file to include the missing reference?
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Re: ClickOnce deployment

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Hi Synergy.

You need to use this option – then an external and existing manifest file will be used by this app.
Also on the machine that is used for developing the app the ActiveX control must be registered in standard way like it is described here: ... controlreg

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PDFXCview.exe /RegServer

regsvr32 PDFXCviewAx.dll /s
- its required if you want to play with ActiveX control on your dialog in design mode in VisualStudio. Because their DialogDesigner can work only with registered(installed) ActiveX. Click-once method not working for them.

Also look for the working example in the attached achive.
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