Save Documents Tool - Custom Folder Functionality

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Save Documents Tool - Custom Folder Functionality

Post by jim0110 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:32 pm

With the custom folder option in the save documents Tool.
Is it possbile to make use of the macros in this area?

Rather than having to manually select the folder to save the file to.
Would be possible to get the the folder of the selected files then add a subfolder automatically to the folder.

For example

PDF are stored in


In the Add Digital Signature Tool we could set a subfolder called Signed.
If the folder does not exist the the Toll adds the folder than saves the signed PDF in into


This would allows the user browse to any location where they may need to sign a document and use a custom location without having to manually select the custom location everytime to they run the tool.
This is important when they are working on Multiple projects are having to sign in varied locations.

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Re: Save Documents Tool - Custom Folder Functionality

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:17 am

Hello Jim,

This is possible, although not quite in the way you have described. File names cannot contain a backslash ( \ ) as it is the folder separator for windows, however our filename field will actually accept it, this can work in multiple ways. We will use your example of an original file located in:


In this case, we would setup the "save documents" action to "use source folder as destination" and then make the filename read:

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This will result in a file being created in the PDFS folder called "Signed\%[FileName]_Example". As above, windows will automatically use those backslash characters as folder separators, so instead it would create a folder names Signed, and place a file called "%[FileName]_Example" inside of it. The end result would be this:


In cases where the folder already exists, windows sees this as instructions to go into that folder, and then shaves that (folder designation) portion of the file name off, so no issues should arise (unless windows changes how it handles folder dictation) from adopting these into your filename field to make use of macros for the folders themselves.

If you are going to use this method, I would highly advise using the an %[AutoNumber] macro in the file name, to avoid overwriting duplicate versions of a file

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