pdf Xchange / pre-sales questions

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pdf Xchange / pre-sales questions

Post by Durango2k » Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:53 am


I am looking for a pdf solution for our network, because the one we used for the last years ran out of support and does not support W10, so I have to find a new one.

Now, here´s my needs - I´d like to know wether this is possible with pdf xchange ?

Server: Win 2012 R2, and I´d like to deploy a pdf printer driver, which could underlay documents (say I need 3 queues with each having a different office paper / watermark feature).
- The 3 queues / drivers must ber able to be published on the domain clients using GPO. I already do this with our HP printers, plotters and a small Samsung colour laser printer. Both in X86 and x64 bit modes currently, though I would accept a 64-bit solution, as I will be replacing the last 8 or so 32-.bit-machines (still W7) anyway in the near future, so 64-bit drivers only would be ok.
- central administration of the underlay pdf files - I want to put 1 "background office image" in one place, and when this is changed, the queues would continue to work as before (this should be simple)

Clients: Will all be W10 in the future, currently about 40 are W7-64, some 8 are W7-32. All are domain members, users are local admins (for some other reasons).
- IF possible and not too expensive, it would be nice to also use pdf xchange on the clients, as a pdf viewer and editor. We already own 2x10 plus a few (recently renewed) single licenses. They are mainly used on mobile clients like Lenovo X1 tablets (the users edit electrical schemes on them on the construction sites mainly).

IF a server- based solution is not possible, I may resort to install the software "as is" on the each client - I read there is a central rollout feature ? Does this include pre- configured queues with watermark pdf document paths ?

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Re: pdf Xchange / pre-sales questions

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:16 pm

Hello Carsten,

I believe my colleague Paul answered your e-mail that was asking the same questions, but if this topic is needed - please let us know with a follow up post here! ;)


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