Making Pdf's a safe email attachment to open

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Making Pdf's a safe email attachment to open

Post by dalacor » Fri Jun 25, 2021 9:54 am

Whilst reviewing our Cyber Security measures, I wanted to see if I can address the problem of having to allow pdf as a whitelisted attachment - because everyone uses it - with the downside that pdf's have now become the macro equivalent of word - with all the associated malware concerns.

I have already disabled macros on our mail server, so people can no longer send word/excel documents containing macros. I presume that this would also block macros contained within Pdfs?

I see that Xchange Editor has the ability to disable Javascript, which would increase the security of Pdf's. However, I cannot find any information on what impact it would have to turn off Javascript? How would it affect viewing pdf's and what functionality would be lost?

Is there anything else that can be set in Pdf Xchange Editor that would make pdf's safer? I am not sure if disabling Javascript would disable all malware concerns?

What reg key do I need to set to disable javascript in Xchange Editor? Is there a way to allow Javascript for specific documents? I assume that 99% of the pdf's do not just Javascript as invoices are the main use of Pdf via email nowadays. Those should not contain Javascript. But there will be a couple that will need Javascript.

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