Exception: "End of Data reached" - what could cause it?

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Exception: "End of Data reached" - what could cause it?

Post by zarkogajic » Fri Sep 17, 2021 1:33 pm

Hi Support,

I'm doing a set of "actions" to a PDF document, using CORE objects (so not via Editor), like altering / deleting bookmarks, altering/deleting/adding link annotations, setting page layout and alike.

I cannot catch what particular action is throwing the "End of Data reached" - as the issue happens for my client and (it seems) only when a document is accessed from a network drive.

Can you let me know what actions on a PDF, in your "Pdf Structure Library" code, could raise that error so I can somehow try to locate the exact thing causing this and try to fix if there's something I can fix.

Sending you the document makes no sense as when I do the actions on that document for a test - no issues at all.


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