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Timur Born
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OCR in V7

Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:18 am


Did Editor get a new OCR module in V7 as was announced earlier?

I did a quick check and saw the following results:

- OCR seems to use one CPU thread per page. So a single page only uses a single CPU thread, multiple pages use multiple threads.

- OCR still does not insert any "original white spaces" in between words of its own text layer.

- Automatic deskew can improve results in some parts of a part, but worsen results in others. I have one document where both Medium and deskewed Low/High turn "40qm" to 4q", only undeskewed Low/High results in the correct "40qm" being detected.

- OCR results differ between medium and high, but I don't know if high is supposed to always get better results now (in the past medium could beat high). Seeing how both Low and High could correctly detect the "40qm" example, I suspect that Medium still is "special"?!
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Tracker Supp-Stefan
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Re: OCR in V7

Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:26 pm

Hello Timur,

The new OCR module is still being worked on, but as soon as it is ready - we will make the switch - and simply installing the new build that includes the new OCR module will update it at your end as well. For the moment I do not have an exact date when this will happen - but we will announce it when we have such a date.


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