[Feature request]: scroll to switch tabs like Office in the ribbon UI

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[Feature request]: scroll to switch tabs like Office in the ribbon UI

Post by featerjoe » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:12 am

Version: 8.0 build 331.0
OS: Windows 10

The "mouse wheel scrolling" feature in the ribbon UI is not intuitive and convenient enough. I need some cumstomizable options here. Here are two features I wish to have in the following updates.

1. When scrolling down on the toolbar tabs, the tab scrolls to the left is counterintuitive!!
Look at the same feature in the ribbon UI of Office (like Word and Excel), they just scroll tabs to the right while scrolling mouse wheel down. I think it's good to have a customizable option to scroll the tabs to right (i.e. from Home, View all the way to Help) while I scroll my mouse wheel downwards.
It is more intuitive to me that mouse wheel scrolling up corresponds to moving left and scrolling down corresponds to moving right.

2. The mouse wheel are not that useful while leaving the tabs area.
I can only scroll mouse wheel to switch tabs while the mouse cursor over the tabs area (Home, View and Comment ...). I can't scroll to switch tabs while my mouse cursor on the tool icons area is below the tab. Microsoft Office has this feature to switch the tabs more freely. I think it convenient to switch tabs this way.


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Re: [Feature request]: scroll to switch tabs like Office in the ribbon UI

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:54 pm

Hello Featerjoe,

Thank you for the suggestions, I have created a formal request for these items. I do agree, the current handling feels a bit backwards and lacking. I cannot make any guarantees at this time, but know it will be duly considered by the Dev team. For Reference, you can ask any member of our support team about the following ticket for an update:
RT#4871: Scroll Through Tabs improvements

Kind regards,
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