Alignment error when scanning

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Alignment error when scanning

Post by tmaglienti41 » Thu May 23, 2019 11:05 pm

I have an HP 6968 printer/scanner. I use the HP dashboard to scan docs and save as a pdf file. When I try to open the file using pdfeditor I get a message that there are problems with the file and that I can fix them by saving the file again. The "Details" of the problem says there is an alignment problem. This happens every time, whether I use the document feeder or the platen to scan. If I open the same file with acrobat reader there is no error given. PDFEditor is my default pdf program and I would prefer to keep it that way but it is annoying to have to save every file twice. I have to navigate to the file location to find it in order to resave it. Any suggestions?

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Re: Alignment error when scanning

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Thu May 23, 2019 11:29 pm

Hello tmaglienti41.

This issue occurs because the scanner is creating the document incorrectly. While our editor will report the issue to you, Acrobat likely sees it as well and simply decides it is not important. We on the other hand choose to show these warnings as they can, and often do, lead to document corruption and thus loss of data.

As you have discovered, we do offer the ability to resave the file to rectify the issue, but unfortunately, as we are not the cause of it (instead we are simply reporting what was found) that is the best solution I can offer. I would advise updating the scanner drivers if any updates are available, and reporting the issue to HP directly as well.

If you understand the possible repercussions may include loss of document data, and still wish to dismiss this warning, you can do so in the Editor Preferences (Ctrl+K) under the "Document Info Bar" category:
I hope this helps!
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