Merging signed and non signed PDFs does not work

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Merging signed and non signed PDFs does not work

Post by DGSBK » Wed May 08, 2019 7:01 am

i'm trying to merge multiple signed and non signed pdfs together using the context menue feature.
When using this feature i get the error "PXClib: Operation not permitted for document". This only happens while merging a signed pdf with another pdf.
Merging non signed PDFs workings without any problem.
Is this a non limitation?

We're using PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.331.0.

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Re: Merging signed and non signed PDFs does not work

Post by Dimitar - Tracker Supp » Wed May 08, 2019 7:24 am

Hello DGSBK,

Welcome to our forum.

The merging of such files will break the signatures but it should not be a problem for them to be merged.
I'm guessing that some the files are locked and that's is why this error is appearing, but I can not be sure until I see the documents.

Is it possible to send us one or two of the problematic documents so I can test it on our end?

If it is possible please send it/them to

We need it, so we can investigate the reason for this issue.

Please DO NOT post your document here because this is a public forum!


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