OLE Query to determine file path

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OLE Query to determine file path

Post by Jano » Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:35 pm

Dear community,
I am or was used to extract the file path and the current page number of a PDF at display with the following AutoHotkey OLE script for further use in another application (citation).

Code: Select all

	gApp    := ComObjCreate("AcroExch.App") 
	gAvDoc  := gApp.GetActiveDoc
	gAvPage := gAvDoc.GetAVPageView
	DocPageNo := gAvPage.GetPageNum + 1
	gPdDoc  := gAvDoc.GetPDDoc
	JSO     := gPdDoc.GetJSObject
How could I query the pdf at display in order to obtain the file path which could be copied to the clipboard. I am open to any solution.
Thank you for your thoughts,

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