Automatic generation of bookmarkers from a list (Db)

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Automatic generation of bookmarkers from a list (Db)

Post by janavas10 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:00 pm

I am new to the forum but according to my work experience for more than 2 years with PDF XChange, after tracing all the offers and Apps available on the Web to the extreme, both I as a researcher-teacher and my doctoral and post-graduate students, we wonder if it would be possible to add a tool to the program that we imagine would put it at the forefront of PDF editors. At the same time we have anticipated to respond that the lack of Adobe-Acrobat still developed the same it does not make it unnecessary and even less impossible.
1-To write a new journal article I usually work with 70 to 80 PDFs open in 1 to 3 sessions.
2- For each PDF, I usually create an average of 30-40 bookmarkers; in some cases at 2 or 3 levels.
3- About 70% of the bookmarkers of each PDF are repetitive or common.
4- Not only do I waste a lot of time editing (rewriting) each new bookmarker, but as usual: a) I do constant lexical errors when rewriting each new bookmarker; b) the advanced search using the bookmarks does not always recover all the information and contents, which forces me to repeat the search using new criteria and lexicons assuming an additional loss of time.
Eventual solution
Would it be possible to generate a new bookmarks tool that complements the excellent stocks of those already available in PDF XChange for it? It should allow:
1- Store in an internal Db each new bookmarker that is created, in each case keeping the hierarchical structure of it (indentation, nesting or kinship).
2- When inserting a new bookmarker, ask if: a) I want to create a new ones; or b) use an existing one.
3- In the last case, after writing the first letters it will display the list of available bookmarkers by inserting the one I choose;
4- When using the function ''advanced search”'(Ctrl + Cap + F) for all open documents allow to use the database of available bookmarkers and thus be able to recover all the contents for such concepts;
5- As it is already possible, it will allow to save the results of each search.

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Re: Automatic generation of bookmarkers from a list (Db)

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:58 am

Hello janavas10,

I think I understand what you mean, but some further clarification of your current use might be helpful.

We do offer settings presets for the "generate bookmarks from page text" function:
I believe that this would help with automatically generating bookmarks without needing to worry about any lexical errors as this uses the title which is being bookmarked directly. You can find out more about how this tool works here: ... xt_ed.html

Following that, we do also already offer a "create bookmarks from a list" option, it is labelled as the "From text file" function, while you generate the text file by clicking the "export to text file" button, also on the bookmarks tab:
The final point, about the search has me a little confused however, Could I ask you to send a copy of a document you are having trouble searching bookmark content in and an example from that document that you can reproduce?
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