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Improvement to the recent files searchbox

Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:42 pm

I really like the addition of a search box to search through recently opened files. I would like to suggest some easy-to-implement improvements. I know you must all be busy with more important fixes.... but it doesn't hurt to suggest...
The current implementation requires:
1. Click the down arrow on the open files icon in the quick launch bar
2. click the search field to focus it.
3. press tab to set focus to the results list
4. use arrow keys to navigate the results
5. Is a correction to the search query needed? if so use the mouse to reselect the searchbox
6. .....

Possible improvements:
1. allow a keyboard shortcut to activate the dropdown list
2. immediately set the focus to the search box to allow immediate typing
3. allow using arrow keys to leave the searchbox and select results list

While I'm on the subject of the recent file history, the "Manage History and Recents" dialogue box shows that 5000 files are remembered however only 50 are shown in the list?
Also, can there be an option to automatically not show unavailable (e.g. deleted/moved) files?
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Re: Improvement to the recent files searchbox

Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:29 am

Hi yossizahn,
Thank you for your post and suggestions. Though you are correct about our dev team being busy, your suggestions will not be overlooked. I've created a feature request for these improvements. This does not guarantee implementation, however, it does guarantee that the dev team will see and consider it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Thank you.


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