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Recompress image may result in a larger file

Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:54 pm

Hi all,
I am loving the new features of v7. I want to make a small point concerning the new "Recompress image..." option.
One of the features of PDF is that it allows an image to appear multiple times in the document but only be stored once (AKA Xobject). When using the "Recompress image..." option on an instance of such an image it will acually result in a larger file. This is because the editor must create a new instance of the image in it's recompressed state while still leaving the original instance that other pages still refer to.
I would like to suggest a new feature that will allow two options when modifying an object --
1. modify this instance only (this will create a clone of the original object and modify only that clone -- the current behaviour)
2. modify the root object (thereby modifying all instances of that Xobject)
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Re: Recompress image may result in a larger file

Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:27 pm

Hi yossizahn,

Thanks for your post and your remarks for this feature. I've created a feature request for these options in our internal system (RT#4130). Our developer will consider implementing them in a future build of the Editor.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that these will be implemented. However, I guarantee that they will be considered.


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