Shift to copy highlighted text, and relationship with Exclusive Mode

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Shift to copy highlighted text, and relationship with Exclusive Mode

Post by Clairvaux » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:51 am


Browsing the forum, I discovered the solution to the irritating problem of not being able to copy highlighted text : hold the Shift key. Is this related to the Exclusive Mode, as Shift is supposed to toggle it temporarily ?

And can anyone explain to me the Exclusive Mode in simple terms, as this...
The Exclusive Mode property simplifies the process of using tools. When it is enabled, the pointer ignores all interactive elements of documents other than base content. This makes it possible to create content on areas that overlap with other content without the risk of accidentally selecting undesired items. When Exclusive Mode is disabled, the pointer recognizes and interacts with all underlying elements in the standard manner.
... does not make heads nor tails to me ? What do you use it for, practically speaking ? What is the default state of Exclusive Mode, on or off ? When the Exclusive Mode icon is not shown, does it always have the same state, and which is it ? What is the recommended / most likely to be useful state (possibly different) ? Is it better, in practical terms, to switch it through the icon, or temporarily, through the Shift key ?

I'm a bit overwhelmed by too much customisability.

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Re: Shift to copy highlighted text, and relationship with Exclusive Mode

Post by Radi - Tracker Supp » Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:51 am

Hi Clairvaux,

The Exclusive mode is basically a tool that prevents you from accidentally selecting another object while placing an object. For example: If you would like to place a Rectangle annotation that overlaps another rectangle annotation - there is a big chance that when you click to place your second rectangle, instead of placing it - you will select the first rectangle. With exclusive mode enabled, you can avoid this behaviour.

The default state if this feature is Disabled and it is really up to you if you would like to keep it always enabled or use shift to enable it temporarily. Please note that the Exclusive mode is enabled/disabled for each tool separately so you can keep it On for some tools and Off for others.


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