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Verification of Digital Signatures

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:12 pm
by chris taylor
We just implemented digital signatures in our company, where we need multiple signatures from parties in different locations.

We have exchanged self-signed certificates and placed in Trusted Certificates store.

However we have noticed in PDF-XChange, that when we validate signatures, they are identified as Valid whether or not the signatory has been Trusted. The only way to check it is to view each certificate by clicking through from the signature and check its status.

This is in marked contrast to Adobe which confirms whether a Signer's identity is unknown or valid, in the Signature pane.

This seems like a gaping security hole in PDF-XChange Editor as Signatures are identified as valid even if from unknown/untrusted people.

Is there a setting which can display trusted status in the Signatures pane, or is there a fix that can be made next release?