comment box alignment is off when printing.

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agnieszka wiklendt
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comment box alignment is off when printing.

Post by agnieszka wiklendt » Sat Aug 29, 2015 6:27 am


something i noticed today: my comment boxes were not aligned as on-screen. i have a pdf (printed from MS access using pdf xchange printer 2012) i've marked up and annotated with comment boxes. i wanted to print this to show to a colleague but the comment boxes in the print preview (and thus also in the print) are differently aligned to what is shown on-screen and cover up some essential content.

i tried moving the comment boxes in the refried (using pdf xchange printer 2012) document but the comments seemed to have been grouped somehow with the other content, so i can't just simply move them back to where i wanted them. i haven't used the content editor feature before so i'm not sure if i'm simply using this incorrectly.

i am using a licensed version of PDF xchange pro v 5.5 (build 313.1).

can anyone advise how to get these comment boxes in the right place?

attached are three documents:
1) the original pdf with annotations and markup
2) a screenshot of what i see on-screen in terms of comment box positions ("fit window" view, but same thing with print preview happens if i'm in 1:1 view). this screenshot i had to print to pdf since the forum does not allow jpg or png files to upload.
3) the refried pdf showing the print alignment of the comment boxes with them over other content.

on-screen screenshot of comment box alignment.pdf
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Relationships for Shahin SPN study (refried).pdf
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Relationships for Shahin SPN study.pdf
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