Different questions on page editing

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Different questions on page editing

Post by Justagoodguy » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:06 am

Good day.

I have a few questions while using that marvellous program ( exchange editor 5.5):
- when i'm trying to insert an image to the page, it does nothing. If i go to menu Document-Insert pages-Insert image - the image appears as a new page, i make it smaller, moving on another page in the right place, it's only borderlines box without any image, which disappeared. After left click borderline box disapper either.
- when i'm trying to copy image - there is no paste/copy option.
- when i open a document with text (without doing OCR, just as it is), make some text changing, than save it to .jpeg, open and add some image in editing program (due IDK how to do it properly in exchange editor), save, open again in exchange editor - my text can't be changed. Ok, doing OCR, after that i can mark text, but still couldn't change it.
- is it possible to make preview area on the left with pages to easy del/change order of the pages?

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Re: Different questions on page editing

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:04 pm

Hello Justagoodguy,

Regarding your first issue, with image insertion, this sounds like a bug, and as you are using a very old version of the software, I will have to advise you update to resolve this issue. Your second point, Copy/paste, should be possible in all versions if you have the Edit > all content or Edit > images option selected, simply select the image and use either Ctrl+C or Right click > copy to copy the image, then use Ctrl+V or Right click paste to paste the image again.

Based on the steps you provided there, you converted the entire document into an image, which would remove all text content. In version 8 we implemented a new Enhanced OCR function that is able to recreate editable text from images, but in all prior versions our OCR was only intended for enabling search functions, and is actually applying an invisible text layer above the image, in those versions it is not possible for the application to selectively remove part of the background image.

If you only need to modify the image, and not the text on the page, it would be better to use our "Edit image in default app" function, that can be found but right clicking on an image:
You can then use the default application to edit the image, and when you save the file, it should update in the Editor automatically.

Finally, a preview area on the left would be our thumbnails pane, which can be opened with Ctrl+T

I hope this helps!
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