Standard Paper Sizes not applied

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Standard Paper Sizes not applied

Post by gopinathrbe » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:25 pm

CPXCPrinter PDFPrinter = null;
CPXCControlEx prnFactory = new CPXCControlEx();
PDFPrinter = prnFactory.get_Printer("", "PDF-XChange Standard V7", "<REG CODE>", "<DEV CODE>") as CPXCPrinter;
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.SaveType"] = "Save";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.ShowSaveDialog"] = "No";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.WhenExists"] = "Overwrite";
PDFPrinter.Option["Saver.ShowProgress"] = "false";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.RunApp"] = "false";
PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.SheetSizeIndex"] = 1;

always getting same paper size 11.69x8.27 in

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