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Unable to change Standard

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:54 pm
by gopinathrbe
CPXCPrinter PDFPrinter = null;
CPXCControlEx prnFactory = new CPXCControlEx();
PDFPrinter = prnFactory.get_Printer("", "PDF-XChange Standard V7", "<REG CODE>", "<DEV CODE>") as CPXCPrinter;
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.SaveType"] = "Save";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.ShowSaveDialog"] = "No";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.WhenExists"] = "Overwrite";
PDFPrinter.Option["Saver.ShowProgress"] = "false";
PDFPrinter.Option["Save.RunApp"] = "false";
//PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.LayoutType"] = 0;
//PDFPrinter.Option["General.Specification"] = -1;
PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.SheetSizeIndex"] = 10;
PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.Size"] = 10;

Paper.SheetSizeIndex as per documentation it is not working

As per documentation:
"List of predefined papers into PDF-XChange 4.0. Number, specified into column Index, can be used to
specify the sheet size into property Paper.SheetSizeIndex."

Re: Unable to change Standard

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:47 pm
by Tracker Supp-Stefan
Hello gopinathrbe,

I notice in your code both of these lines:
PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.SheetSizeIndex"] = 10;
PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.Size"] = 10;

And I believe you only need to use the SheetSizeIndex as specified here:

As there is no mention of "Paper.Size" in there.

So please try commenting out
// PDFPrinter.Option["Paper.Size"] = 10;
And let us know if that works for you!