PDFX7SA_sm.exe Installation

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PDFX7SA_sm.exe Installation

Post by TomChandler » Tue May 08, 2018 1:29 pm

We upgraded our application from PDFX 6 to PDFX 7. We were using the PDFX6SA_sm.exe in our installer with the following switches, and it worked just fine:
/SILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS="pdfSaver,PDF-XChange driver,Languagess" /DIR="c:\Program Files (x86)\{ApplicationName}" /DRVwoPRN

However, just plugging in PDFX7SA_sm.exe doesn't work. We get a COM error when we try to execute this code:
new CPXCControlEx();

If I use PDFX7API.exe with those same switches, it seems to work just fine... but we'd like to use the proper installer to distribute our application.

I can't find the switches for PDFX7SA_sm.exe documented anywhere, so I'm wondering if we need to install it differently.

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Re: PDFX7SA_sm.exe Installation

Post by Ivan - Tracker Software » Tue May 15, 2018 11:08 am

We found an issue with registration Driver's COM components by the PDFX7SA_sm.exe. The fixed version already uploaded on our server, please redownload.

But we cannot reproduce the problem with /DRVwoPRN key - it works as expected.
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