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C# demo and wrapper available

Posted: Thu May 10, 2012 10:57 pm
by Walter-Tracker Supp
I would like to announce that in response to a couple of queries, we have made a C# demo and wrapper available that will let you easily make use of the OCR SDK in your C# applications.

You can look at Form1.cs for example usage for creating searchable PDFs. All you must do is include PDFXOCR_Funcs.cs in your project and ensure the ocrtools.dll is in the executable's directory once your project is built. For 64 bit applications, please copy ocrtools-x64.dll to ocrtools.dll (or rename the DLL import statements in PDFXOCR_Funcs).

I have attached it to this forum post, but it will be included in our installer shortly (at which point I will remove it from here).