Convert multiple documents with hyperlinks with a VBA macro

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Thomas Roesner
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Convert multiple documents with hyperlinks with a VBA macro

Post by Thomas Roesner » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:40 pm

Dear all,
from time to time i have to convert a lot of small word documents wich have crossreferencing hyperlinks to each other. Due to the fact that we dont know how to link to an anchor in the middle of an other document we have to split a large doc file in a lot of smaller files.

If i try to convert the docx files via the toolbar i get a set of well linked pdf files for the price of a lot of manually work.

If i try with office2pdf5.exe i'll miss the hyperlinks, which makes the result unusable for my needs. It seems, that the office plugin can be configured in more detailes.

Unfortunately i dont know how to script this with VBA. Is there a way to make calls to the plugin? Can you please give an example?

Or is ther a way to configure office2pdf5 as flexible as the office plugin?

Kind Regards
Thomas Roesner

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Will - Tracker Supp
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Re: Convert multiple documents with hyperlinks with a VBA ma

Post by Will - Tracker Supp » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:10 am

Hi Thomas,

I'm afraid that currently, this is not possible. However, we should be releasing the new version of Office2PDF[6] and that is capable of preserving such links, as it uses the Office Addin. We hope to release this with the next build of the Editor - for now, I don't have any information as to when that will be.

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Thank you.

Best regards

Will Travaglini
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Tracker Software Products Ltd.

Willy Van Nuffel
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Re: Convert multiple documents with hyperlinks with a VBA ma

Post by Willy Van Nuffel » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:50 am

Untill you will be able to do this job via PDF-XChange, you could use the built-in "Save as" > "PDF" of Microsoft Word.

I hope you have a little bit experience with Visual Basic for Applications...

In that case you can create a macro with following content (that you will have to modify to your own needs).
It will make a PDF of every *.docx that is in the given directory. Hyperlinks will be converted. For the naming it will use the same name as the Word document, by stripping off the ".docx" and replace it with the ".pdf" extension.

Sub LoopDirectory()

Dim vDirectory As String
Dim oDoc As Document

vDirectory = "C:\Willy\"

vFile = Dir(vDirectory & "*.docx")

Do While vFile <> ""
Set oDoc = Documents.Open(FileName:=vDirectory & vFile)
DocName = Left(oDoc, Len(oDoc) - 5) & ".pdf"

ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:= _
DocName, ExportFormat:=wdExportFormatPDF, _
OpenAfterExport:=False, OptimizeFor:=wdExportOptimizeForPrint, Range:= _
wdExportAllDocument, From:=1, To:=1, Item:=wdExportDocumentContent, _
IncludeDocProps:=True, KeepIRM:=True, CreateBookmarks:= _
wdExportCreateNoBookmarks, DocStructureTags:=True, BitmapMissingFonts:= _
True, UseISO19005_1:=False

oDoc.Close SaveChanges:=False
vFile = Dir

End Sub

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Tracker Supp-Stefan
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Re: Convert multiple documents with hyperlinks with a VBA ma

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:23 pm

Thanks for the idea Willy,


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