Office2PDF hang when processing > 1000 html files

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Office2PDF hang when processing > 1000 html files

Post by kiankoh1 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:50 am

I had installed Office2PDF 4.0 on Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SP2.

I had tried to run Office2PDF to convert my html files(10k+ files) to pdf. However, after so many tries, I found Office2PDF can only process around 1000 files, and it will stop. So I have to manually exiting Office2PDF, copy the converted files away, before I can start office2pdf again to process the rest of the file. Each time when the Office2PDF hang, it will leave behind a printer driver appended by a number, ie. "PDF-XChange 4.0 (4)".

Can you advise what could be the problem, and what I can do to make Office2PDF run smoothly as a batch job and processing all files I put in the watched directory, even in the many thousands.
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Re: Office2PDF hang when processing > 1000 html files

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan » Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:39 am

Hello kiankoh1,

First please do check the build number of our drivers that is installed on your machine, and if that's not the current latest 198 - please consider updating, as the problem might have already been resolved.

If you have the latest build - and are still experiencing problems - please try to monitor the memory usage while our drivers are converting those files - and let us know if there is some significant memory increase.

As an alternative in the mean time - try processing them at smaller patches - e.g. 8-900 at a time - and you can then easily merge the 8-900 page PDFs into a single large one if that was your intention.


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