Using PDF-Tools 4 (Windows 10)

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Using PDF-Tools 4 (Windows 10)

Post by kmckenn » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:43 pm

I have a couple of topics:

1) I have a licensed copy of PDF Pro/Tools 4. I have recently installed this on a new Windows 10 PC, entered the serial # when installing. When I go to use the PDF Viewer, it is saying it is not registered. I cannot find where to enter the Serial #.

2) Perhaps it is time for me to UPGRADE from version 4. Is there and UPDATE, or UPGRADE that is available to the current version? Or, do I have to just repurchase as a new customer again?

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Re: Using PDF-Tools 4 (Windows 10)

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:46 pm

Hi, kmckenn

Entering a license key in our products (including the older ones) can be done either by clicking help > enter license key, or from the preferences (ctrl+K) under Registration.

If you do wish to upgrade to the latest version, we recommend first creating an account using your old key. This will allow you to see if there are any personalized discounts available to upgrade that key. If any are available, you can certainly make use of them, if none are available there, then purchasing a new license will be the only option.

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