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How to print pages that can't print properly?

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:42 pm
by asocialis
I think this is more general printing issue, than issue with one of your apps (it appears already in print preview in web browser). Basically some webpages can't be printed, or can only partially. For example ... y-support/
Some of these who can't, can't only on Firefox, but can on Chrome. Some can't on Chrome either.
Some of these who can't can if reduced to scale 10% or less so that entire web page is on one printed page, but then font and images look so bad, lose quality.
Some of these can if css is disabled for example via Web Developer or ublock extensions for Firefox. But then page looks much worse.
I also tried screenshot then use your app ocr, but it is so large size (5 MB), and your app says can't deal with it, try smaller file.
Do you have any better solution? Is there any universal way to print any page?
I already tried firefox extensions Print Edit WE and many, but none helped.
I already reported this to developers of ublock or umatrix, and Print Edit WE: ... issues/115
Other people complaining and feeling desperate: ... eb-browser ... screen-css ... ng-3466227 ... ge-4151939 ... -fix-them/

Re: How to print pages that can't print properly?  SOLVED

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:07 pm
by asocialis
Ahhh, finally found a solution. Looks like Print Edit WE can help me! I did not know how to use it. All I had to do was to press on their icon, then tools button, and fix page breaks! No need for blocking css, or other extreme measures. Now in print preview all is already good. Tested on both websites! While wikihow started showing images when only pressed on use "Web Style" I feel so stupid for not figuring this out immediately! So yeah, this solved all my problems. I'll consider this as solved, but if you have better solution (i doubt), then post it. Many people complained for this problem, and Print Edit WE is the real solution! Specifically these 3 options (buttons) I used. Maybe only adblockers like ublock are better for permanent change of pages look (excess buttons, ads...). I also tried saving as mht ot html or html via save page we (which is actually like mht), but removing buttons does not make changes to such files, but makes changes to printing. Also mht take much more space, the only advantage being that they keep urls.