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Hyperlinks Not "Clickable" Using Printer Driver ...

Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:01 pm

Hi Everyone,

I Love PDFXchange and PDFXchange Printer Driver - use printer driver often!!!

Problem I am having with PDFXchange Printer driver (I am using Driver Version 5.0, BTW) is that hyperlinks on printed documents are not always "clickable", despite my PDFXchange printer settings having all of the following options checked (as "active"): "Analyze URLs in Printed Text", "Detect Filenames and Convert to PDF Links" and also "Check Files Exist For Linking".

I often use Adobe Reader as my PDF viewer, and I have done all the troubleshooting to confirm that hyperlinks in PDF documents are actively allowed to be clicked (and user taken to specified web page), so I know that this is not the problem.

Additionally, when I want to print a PDF of a page/document in "Google Chrome", I will sometimes try using their built-in "Save as PDF" printer. When I do so, the same links that are not clickable when I use the PDFXchange Printer Driver (to save as PFD) *ARE* clickable when I use the Chrome built-in "Save as PDF" driver (I've done several comparisons using each print driver to print the exact same web page/document in "Chrome".

If someone would please offer me some suggestions on how to troubleshoot/fix this issue, I would really appreciate it, as I really love all of the options and flexibility that the PDFXchange Printer Driver has to offer (it is my absolute favorite, after having evaluated many PDF printer drivers).

Thanks so much for your help.
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Re: Hyperlinks Not "Clickable" Using Printer Driver ...

Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:54 pm

Hello Cfguy,

Thanks for the enquiry.
The printing drivers internal settings will be able to recognize only 'explicit' links - e.g. www.example.com , but will not be able to recohnize a "click here" one.
Those hidden links are not normally passed from the printing application to the printer - as when printing to paper this information is irrelevant, so when it is not sent to us - we can't create a link. When you use the "Save as PDF" internal tool of an application - it has much more control to the content, and is not limited in the same way as the printing drivers are.

We have a tool for IE that can convert whole web pages and preserve the links. Unfortunately Chrome (and lately Firefox and Opera) are not providing us with sufficient tools that will allow us to develop a similar plug-in for those browsers:
I cannot open PDFs in browser


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