Orphaned Printers

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Orphaned Printers

Post by John - Tracker Supp » Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:13 pm

Placed on behalf of : Kalyan.Chakkravarthy

We are using Raster-XChange printer to print the output to TIFF format in our application. We are using C# code to implement it. When ever we take new instance of Raster-XChange printer its creating a new object and those objects are not killing and they are listed in the printers (Control Panel) list always. Please find the attachment.

We are using the below code which we have got at Raster-XChange SDK.

m_PrinterFactory = new RXCCOMLib.PrinterFactoryClass();

m_Printer = (RXCCOMLib.Printer)m_PrinterFactory.get_Printer("", "");

if (m_Printer == null)



m_Printer.ProtectionKey = "";

m_Printer.ProtectionDevCode = "";

m_DevMode = (RXCCOMLib.IDevMode)m_Printer.DevMode;

m_DevMode.Format = RXCCOMLib.ImageFormat.format_TIFF;

m_DevMode.set_FormatParameter("Image Type", "BW:1");

m_DevMode.set_FormatParameter("Compression", "CCITTFax4");

txtPrinter.Text = m_Printer.Name;

txtDst.Text = m_DevMode.OutputFileName;

txtPaperW.Text = ((int)m_DevMode.PaperWidth / 10).ToString();

txtPaperL.Text = ((int)m_DevMode.PaperLength / 10).ToString();

if (m_DevMode.PaperOrientation == DMORIENT_PORTRAIT)

rdoPortrait.Checked = true;


rdoLandscape.Checked = true;

Kindly support me on the above and suggest us how to proceed.


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Re: Orphaned Printers

Post by Roman - Tracker Supp » Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:03 pm

Raster-XChange temporary printer is deleted when the corresponding IPrinter interface is Released (in other words when the interface's wrapping object is destroyed). Probably you experience this problem due to undetermined object destruction in .NET. Please make sure the RXCCOMLib.Printer objects you implicitly create through m_PrinterFactory.get_Printer are destroyed as soon as possible when they are not needed.

If the problem persists please provide a minimal but complete sample application (along with sources) to let me replicate the issue.
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