Creating new drivers???

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Creating new drivers???

Post by 71SoCal » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:42 pm

I've noticed that I'm adding Raster-XChange printers to my drivers list. When I initially install Raster-XChange, it adds the driver with that name. I just checked my printer list, and now I've got the original driver: Raster-XChange, but I've also got $Raster-XChange and $Raster-XChange(1).

Are printer drivers temporarily created, then deleted when printing from an application? My application seems to be "hanging" when those drivers are there.

Any ideas?


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Re: Creating new drivers???

Post by Roman - Tracker Supp » Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:42 am

Yes. When you access (instantiate) RXC::Printer object, a temporary printer is created. This is done to prevent conflicts when several applications use Raster-XChange simultaneously - every app deals with its own printer.
Temp printer names have $Raster-XChange(<number>) pattern.
Normally temp printer is deleted when you release the corresponding printer object.
If your application does not release instantiated RXC::Printer object (due to an error in the code or abnormal termination), then the corresponding temp printer will dangle in the printer list for about 6 minutes (until Raster-XChange COM server detects your app is gone).
Dangling temp printers are also purged on computer restart.
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