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How to prevent a user from Copying an annotation...

Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:31 pm

I need to be able to uniquely identify each and every annotation in a document. The "name" property of the annotation is a good way since it is a GUID that is generated at time of creation. Problem is when a user Right Mouse clicks on an annotation and chooses to Copy and then Paste the annotation. During the Copy/Paste operation, an exact copy is made of the annotation including the name. The easiest way for me to get around this problem is simply to disable the Copy Command. I tried this in the Full Demo application and found that the annotation context menu still allowed the copy operation. How do I prevent this from happening or put another way, how can I receive an event during the creation of the annotation such that I can reset any/all properties during it creation time? I know the current SDK does not allow the later so any ideas would be appreciated.

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