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Viewer SDK and Wacom signature tablet

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:12 pm
by TrackerUser99
I have a requirement to integrate a signature from a Wacom tablet into a PDF signature field. I have a Wacom STU-500 tablet and Wacom's Sign Pro SDK. I am using PDF-XChange PRO SDK v5.0 and the PDF-XChange Viewer. The app is developed in Delphi. I have two options: I could display a signature in a signature field (#1 below), or place a graphic representation of the signature in a graphic annotation (#2 below). My PDF form are developed in Foxit PhantomPDF but they get opened programatically in PDF-XChange Viewer.

1. Is it possible to connect the Wacom signature tablet and the Sign Pro driver when a signature field is clicked? Do you have a Javascript example that I can see to get a idea how to do this?

2. Is it possible to load a .sig file or a jpg into graphic annotation when a field is clicked? In the Delphi app I can place a "sign" button that will enable the Wacom tablet to prompt for a signature (this is operational). Can I add the resulting .sig file into a form field in the PDF document?.


Thank you.

Re: Viewer SDK and Wacom signature tablet

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:08 am
by Vasyl-Tracker Dev Team
Hi, TrackerUser99

Sorry, but no way to do it with our old Viewer SDK. You may try to do it with out new SDKs: ... editor-sdk
or ... re-api-sdk