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internet explorer add in

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:14 pm
by thenelson
I installed PDFxchange viewer (version 4.5, Windows 10 pro) but the internet explorer add in did not get installed. When I went to internet explorer manage add ins, Tracker was not listed. I uninstalled PDFxchange viewer and reinstalled it without luck. I clicked "Display PDF in browser: and "Make default PDF viewer" in Preferences - File associations but this also did not help. What do I need to do to fix this?

Also the printer driver did not install.


Re: internet explorer add in

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:00 am
by Dimitar - Tracker Supp
Hello thenelson,

The latest version of the PDF Viewer is 2.5.322.9.

Please download and install it from this link:

Before the installation of the latest version, please uninstall the currently installed one and restart your computer.


Re: internet explorer add in

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:11 pm
by thenelson
I uninstalled the currently installed one; restarted my computer and installed the latest version from the link you supplied:
PDFXchange Viewer about box.png
Internet Explorer still does not have the PDFxchange viewer add in:
Internet Explorer Add in box.png

Re: internet explorer add in  SOLVED

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:03 pm
by Dimitar - Tracker Supp
Hello thenelson,

Could you please try the following procedure for clean reinstall:

I've numbered the steps below to make them easier to follow:

1) Uninstall all products of ours that you have installed. Restart the computer.
**Note: restarting the computer at all prompted points is a very large part of making this work, so please be sure to do them
**Note: Also be sure to disable any and all anti virus programs that you have running and make sure that you are logged in as the Administrator.

2) Open up File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files and delete the PDF-XChange and/or Tracker Software folder.
3) Now, go to the Windows search bar and type in " regedit ", then right click and hit "Run as Administrator" - the following will show up:
4) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and delete the Tracker Software / PDF-XChange folder

5) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and delete Tracker Software / PDF-XChange folder.After that , please restart your computer.
6) Re-install all the products you have installed before with this link:

Before the new installation, please disable temporary any antivirus and firewall software you have.

7) Now complete the install and restart Windows.

I hope this helps.