Retrieving temporary or "lost" files

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Retrieving temporary or "lost" files

Post by Tiger » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:20 am

Good day.

Is there any way of retrieving a "lost" file?

This is what happened:

I opened a document, worked on it - but didn't save it; I didn't close Xchange Viewer
I put my laptop into sleep mode and pulled my memory stick.
When I restarted, I didn't put the memory stick back in, prior to restarting the laptop.
When I went to the (open) PDF-Xchange viewer, the altered document showed briefly (so it was there SOMEWHERE on my PC memory!) and then PDF Xchange Viewer realized that the memory stick was not in place, so it asked to REOPEN the file. I reinserted the memory stick and then hit REOPEN.
The old version of the file appeared.
The changes were gone.

Clearly there is/was a temporary copy of the altered file on the computer.

The question is: how do I access it?
Does PDF Xchange Viewer have a temporary file folder? I have searched the drive with terms like "*.temp", *.tmp*, *file name*.tmp etc - but to no avail.
Does Windows maybe store it somewhere?

I made so many changes and would really like to find that file if at all possible!!


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Sasha - Tracker Dev Team
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Re: Retrieving temporary or "lost" files

Post by Sasha - Tracker Dev Team » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:01 am

Hello Tiger,

The Auto Recovery functionality is now available in the latest version of the PDF-XChange Editor.
You can download it from here: ... nge-editor
There is no such a functionality in the Viewer and it won't be implemented either.

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Re: Retrieving temporary or "lost" files

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:40 pm

Thanks for the suggestion Jessica!


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