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Tiff image format

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:37 am
by Woollies66
Hi I've developed a document management system which requires the conversion of received emails with PDF attachments to Tiff format. The system will eventually run as a service program on a 64 bit machine operating on Server 2012 (It has been developed using Visual Studio 2012) I have successfully managed to construct a processor to extract and convert the pdfs to tiff's however I'm losing some of the image due to 'format' issues. I have searched everywhere I can think of for the parameter to 'fit' the image to the paper size (A4). I'm assuming it's a 'FormatParameter' , but can't find any further information. Any assistance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Note : I'm using Raster-XChange.

example code snippet:-
Public m_PrinterFactory As New RXCCOMLib.PrinterFactory
Public WithEvents m_Printer As RXCCOMLib.Printer
Public m_DevMode As RXCCOMLib.IDevMode
Public m_PageNum As Integer

Private Const DMORIENT_PORTRAIT As Integer = 1
Private Const DMORIENT_LANDSCAPE As Integer = 2

m_DevMode = m_Printer.DevMode
m_DevMode.Format = RXCCOMLib.ImageFormat.format_TIFF
m_DevMode.OutputFileName = strTiffFile
m_DevMode.FormatParameter("Image Type") = "BW:1"
m_DevMode.FormatParameter("Compression") = "CCITTFax4"
m_DevMode.PostPrintApplication = ""

Re: Tiff image format

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:28 pm
by Tracker Supp-Stefan
Hello Woollies66,

Can you please send us a sample PDF and the resulting tiff?