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PDF-XChange & Tools SDK's V3/4

Post by John - Tracker Supp » Sat Nov 13, 2004 12:47 pm

VERY IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Please note that some features although present in the PDF-XChange API and PDF-Tools SDK's will only function in 'live' (non evaluation) mode if you purchase the PDF-XChange PRO SDK license - specifically these are : Digital Signature Support (all products) and the PDF-Tools SDK low level API.

More general Info :

When I try and compile/run your demo apps I am a getting an error message that certain DLL's are missing or cannot be found ?
Possible Causes and corrections:
All the DLL's you may require are located in the 'Bin' folder of the installation - your exe must reside with the minimum required dll's for the task(s) you are performing.

I tried building the sample code - CExAPI - and the compiler reported an error:
Compiling resources...
"C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\PDF-XChange PRO 3 SDK\Examples\APIExamples\CExample\CExAPI.rc(10) : fatal error RC1015: cannot open include file 'atlres.h'.
Error executing rc.exe."
Possible Causes and corrections:
You require the Windows Template Language (WTL) on your system to compile some apps - this is a common Windows developers component requirement, more info and a free download are available from MSDN:

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en

I have installed the SDK after purchase, but when I print to the drivers from Applications such as MS Word all output still has the demo stamp?
Possible Causes and corrections:
The developers SDK is provided on a Royalty Free basis (for up to 100,000 end user desktop distributions per developer) and is not licensed as a general purpose PDF Virtual printer for direct use by 3rd party applications (such as MS Word).

Please never enter your serial number in the product installer or the end user UI interface of the driver - your licensing info is always passed in your application code - never divulge or expose to 3rdparties !

Your license allows you to incorporate PDF creation within your applications for end user use and distribute our Run Time files only - hence we have restricted SDK licensing to allow the driver to function only when the developers application passes the Serial Number and Developers code prior to printing - this unlocks the driver and allows PDF's in non-demo mode to be created.

You can code an application to open a Word file (or many other document types) in their original application - pass the unlock info, print and close the application and file - we provide a demo app showing this for C++/VB/Delphi/C#/Clarion etc.

If you wish to supply your clients with both PDF creation from your apps and from all other Windows apps - you will require both an SDK license and for each user a valid PDF-XChange End User license. We offer generous discounts to developers for client redistribution please contact sales@tracker-software.com for more info.

Please also note our licensing restrictions do not allow you to create applications that expose our products API to other dev's - or create tools for non end user use. Please read our license carefully to satisfy yourself prior to purchase that you are not breaching the license in your intended use.
we allow unrestricted use of our evaluation version for you to assess our products and even fully create your required application before you buy - there is no timeout on any of our evaluation versions. Please use them and only purchase when 100% satisfied.
we do not offer refunds under any circumstances !

I am ready to deploy my app - how should I distribute the Driver to my clients - what files do I need?
Possible Causes and corrections:
We provide a complete and comprehensive installer that you must use for this purpose from the link below and no serial number entry is required, never use the serial number in any way in your end user installation files - except your run time compiled code. You can also install silently from a batch file called by your own installer script - please see the driver help file DRV_API.CHM for more info.

Developers install for end user installations:

I want to install the printer driver with a different name and install as if it was my own - how do I do this?
The first 12 characters of the printer name are reseved and must not be changed - you may append your personalised preferred name to the first 12 characters - but these must be as a minimum 'PDF-XChange ' and no device name may end in a blank/space character.

How do I set the DPI and paper size for the printer output ?
You should always do this using the standard Printer DEVMODE structure as you would for any conventional printer - see your development tools help file as to specifically how you should do this - or MSDN.

What Product do I need?
The default evaluation version is the complete set of PDF creation and manipulation tools we offer - there are 2 versions 1 for Clarion for Windows developers and one for all other non-Clarion dev's and this will function with virtually all developoment tools we are aware off - though it is possible that when using the print driver some older tools may not have the control over the driver that more progressive tools have.

We have broken our tools into 3 products for sale:

1:PDF-Tools SDK
PDF-Tools SDK offers numerous functions to allow you to create and manipulate PDF's and comprises of all our DLL libraries - but does not include our Windows 32 bit printer drivers.
Broadly speaking if you wish to create PDF's from images, objects, text, lines, curves, Scan2PDF, existing PDF's by extraction of pages etc or manipulate existing PDF's, extracting images, text, adding bookmarks, thumbnails, watermarks, limited text editing etc - then this is the tool for you. If you are a Clarion developer this is usually al you need for sure.

2:PDF-XChange Drivers API
Virtual Print drivers for all Win32 OS's including Citrix MetaFrame and Terminal Server.
If you need to 'print' your PDF output from some form of report fomatter (not Clarion users - you need PDF-Tools) or generate output from 3rdparty applications such as MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD etc etc - programatically - then you need the Print Drivers.

3:PDF-XChange PRO SDK (1 and 2 combined)

VERY IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Please note that some features although present in the PDF-XChange API and PDF-Tools SDK's above will only function in live mode if you purchase the PDF-XChange PRO SDK license - specifically :
Digital Signature Support (all products) and the PDF-Tools SDK low level API.

To download the evaluations :
http://www.tracker-software.com/home/de ... e_pro_sdk/

Is there an API for PDF-XChange 'Lite' ?
No -no developer access to the PDF-XChange 'Lite' API is possible.
If posting files to this forum - you must archive the files to a ZIP, RAR or 7z file or they will not be uploaded - thank you.

Best regards
Tracker Support

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