Error -2112946175 on PXCp_ReadDocumentW

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Error -2112946175 on PXCp_ReadDocumentW

Post by neilpitman » Fri May 22, 2009 9:11 am

Attempting to read the attached PDF file gives the error above.

It is PDF version 1.1 which is a little unusual these days, but the file does read OK elsewhere.

All we are doing is :
hr = PXCp_ReadDocumentW(pObject,CA2W(pdfFile),0);


printf("Error Code %d\n",hr)
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Re: Error -2112946175 on PXCp_ReadDocumentW

Post by Lzcat - Tracker Supp » Fri May 22, 2009 2:23 pm


The problem is that your file does not conform to the PDF Reference/format and xcpro supports only fully correct pdf files. Both the Acrobat and PDF-XChange Viewer have more advanced PDF reading engines and can compensate/read such files.
Specififcally - the problem is in the reference table:
% Object reference table begins here
1 13
0000000000 65535 f
0000025932 00000 n
0000026137 00000 n

There should be 0 (zero) instead of 1.
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