Conflict With a ndifferent Version Of PDF Xchange

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Mike Heap
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Conflict With a ndifferent Version Of PDF Xchange

Post by Mike Heap » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:14 am

Have just upgraded my application to PDF SDK v3.6 and it is producing pdfs ok.

One of my clients also has pdf Xchange v3.0 installed which they use to print selected reports to pdf via the pDF Exchange Printer V3.0.

Now, if one of the users decides to use pdf xchange v3.0 to print a report from my application via the pdf xchange v3.0 printer they get a message 'The procedure entry point IMG.FreePage could not be located in the dynamic link library ixclib.dll. Ixclib.dll is one of a number of dll that I have to include in my application.

Does the above message mean that my users have to upgrade their version of PDF Xchange to 3.6. Is there any other way around this.



Lzcat - Tracker Supp
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Re: Conflict With a ndifferent Version Of PDF Xchange

Post by Lzcat - Tracker Supp » Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:53 pm

Hi Mike.
Can you say exactly which SDK are you using? Almost all v 3.6 SDK use ixclib30.dll (but not ixclib.dll). Please pay more attention to details, becuase each letter is important (at least here).
Anyway upgrading printer driver should help, because latest builds of v3.6 Driver (and V4 too) are 'solid', so they do not use 'shared' dlls, and there will be no conflicts with driver.
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